I am a Tennessee girl with Panamanian roots who loves to explore the outdoors, drive cool cars, spend time on organic farms, and occasionally wear a fancy outfit. My favorite place to be is in the ocean and my favorite thing to do is learn as much as possible. 

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While in law school, my passion for health continued to grow while my interest in law faded. I knew I wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of my friends and families but didn’t know how. After learning that transportation is the #1 polluter in the world, I quickly realized that reducing carbon emissions is essential to live in a world with clean air. 

Cleaner air has become my mission.


Whether it be sourcing local, organic food options in a new city, scouring the web for the cleanest beauty products, or saving up to by sustainable clothing pieces, my health journey is at the forefront of who I am. I love introducing others to clean products and new ways of doing things. 

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Degrees are what YOU make of them. While at Lipscomb University, I learned how to write professionally, ponder on lifes biggest questions as a philosophy major and juggle being a full-time student while working full time. While at Pepperdine Law,  I learned the importance of networking and to continually be on the lookout for what you don’t know. 

All of these lessons can be learned in or out of a classroom. 

Are you thinking about creating your own path and doing something un-traditional? 

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